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Ready to get back in the saddle?
Come see us!

TuneUpatRace2We are a full service bicycle shop, servicing all makes and models!!
Come meet our UBI certified mechanic, Jason

All NEW bikes purchased receive FREE lifetime tune-ups.

Each bicycle is custom fit for each rider using state-of-the-art computerized bicycle fitting.

Already have a bike? Come in for a customized fit for your ride.

We have partnered with Fuji Bikes, Breezer Bikes, Sun Bicycles, Quintana Roo and SE Bikes to bring you a wide array of bikes.

Whether it is a first bike for a child or the Super Hot Quintana Roo PRFive triathlon bike, we have you covered. Again, this is only a sampling of the many types of bicycles we carry for both serious training and for recreational cycling.

Don’t forget, we can also update and repair your current bike as well!

AND we also have bike rentals while you’re visiting the St. Michaels, Easton or Oxford area. Click here to learn more about our Bike Rentals.


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