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Girls Get Gritty at TriCycle and Run



CALLING ALL THE LADIES! Laura is hosting a Girls Get Gritty event at the shop on Saturday, April 27th.

Join us for a fun evening of getting gritty, with a little grace!! We’ll be going over some basic bike maintenance (tire changes), and enjoy an evening with the iracelikeagirl local team members!

*If you want to join in on the fun, please bring one wheel from your bike, and whatever tools/gear you have for the wheel change event. Or come watch and learn!

Check out the Facebook event page for details as well!


Feel free to email Laura with any additional questions you may have:  laura@tricycleandrun.com

TCR Training – Fueling for Race Day Workshop


FUELING FOR RACE DAY WORKSHOP – Friday, March 1st 6pm-8pm

Are you confused about how to best fuel your body for race day?  Or still trying to find something that works best for you?

Join Laura and Ben as they walk you through some best practices on how to effectively fuel for your big day.  Topics discussed will include hydration, types of race day energy options, and pre- and post-race day nutrition.

We will be offering samples of some of the most popular energy items on the market, so this is your opportunity to try that new flavor without the commitment of a purchase!

PLUS, since it’s a Friday, we may head over to Eastern Shore Brewing for a little fun ‘carb-loading’ after the workshop!

Have questions?  Feel free to email Laura at laura@tricycleandrun.com