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2016 I Thought They Said Rum 5k RESULTS

Congratulations to Vanessa Junkin, Nadine Sachs, Vicky Van Loo, Bailey Wood, Matt O’Connell, Lori O’Connell, Duncan Butler IV, David Bennett, and Angela Golliday, for guesstimating their finish time within 10 seconds plus or minus


You can find the results with your estimated time by clicking  Rum5kEstimateResults


The official results can be found at the webscorer website at http://www.webscorer.com/race?raceid=72648


Thanks to everyone who came out to support the Talbot County Humane Society with their donations today. Keep an eye out for our July 16th, “Run For The Heroes” 5k

Tacky Prom Free 5k results

Thanks to everyone who came out today! You results can be found by clicking TackyProm5kEstimatedResults . It doesn’t look like anyone was quite close enough for the 10 second estimated time but you’ll have another opportunity to get closer to that time on our next run, Sunday June 19th (Father’s Day)!!! We will be announcing our charity partner within the week.

Stay tuned for our Flickr page with all of the photos we took from the day and be sure to share your photos and tag us (TriCycle and Run) on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts!!

PHOTOS ARE UP!!!! https://flic.kr/s/aHskAcQwFL

Congratulations to all!!!!!


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