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Shamrock Shuffle Free 5k RESULTS

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who came out for our 1 year anniversary of our Free 5ks, here at TriCycle and Run.  74 runners came out to celebrate today and help make Easter dinner a brighter occasion with their donation to the St Michaels Community Center food pantry.


Congratulations to all of our winners, who guessed their times within 10 seconds of their finish. Ben Pittsely, Todd Warner, Brandon Chance (all our first three folks to cross the finish line!!!), in addition to Tara Smith and the infamous Kiley Shipp all crossed within their times and will be contacted as the Guesstimate Winners!!

Congratulations. You can find the results at this link:  Shamrock Shuffle FREE 5K Fun Run  or just the finish times without the guesstimated time at

Be sure to join us on April 16th for the Spring Fling 5k where there will be some special items along the course.

AND SAVE THE DATE for May 14th for the TACKY PROM 5k!!

Special thanks to our partners for this race at Eastern Shore Brewing Company and Blackthorn Irish Pub.


The Love Run Free 5k RESULTS

Congratulations to all of our runners that came out today for our Love Run FREE 5k. We will be distributing your donations to the local Elementary/Middle schools this week and we are sure that they will be appreciative.

We had FIVE winners today, guestimating their time within 10 seconds of their overall finish. Those winners are Rebecca Fox, Cheryl Overington (within ONE second!!!), Zachary Robbins, Jim Bass and Trilby Papineau. Congratulations to all and we will be reaching out to you via email regarding prizes!

The results can be found directly at and the list with estimated times and final results can be found by clicking LoveRunResults

Don’t forget to join us on March 12th for the Shamrock Shuffle. We will be celebrating our 1st year anniversary of providing free 5ks and donations to our community, partners, and friends.