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Day 2 MAF Run

I guess I should really be checking on how many times a week I’m “allowed” to run. I’m just thinking that at this slow and low of a pace/HR, I should be able to run 4 or 5 days a week. I think the idea is that if I go out for a run, and I’m at a CRAZY slow pace and my heart rate is still high, then I’m overtraining and need to take a day off. I’m checking my Heart Rate Variability (HRV) also at night and in the morning to see if my body is stressed. Your HRV is the amount of time BETWEEN heart beats. Typically, you should have a long pause but, if you are over worked, then your number will be off.

Anyway, on to today’s workout. Again, treadmill running but this time it was because I worked a full day at the other job and I haven’t gotten a sense of how long these runs will take. I just don’t want to run out of daylight (and, to be honest, it’s cold).

What I’m finding from the data below is that, at least for the first couple of minutes, it is VERY difficult to stay under your Maximum Aerobic Fitness HR. It seems like it was a solid 12 minutes of running before I started to even out. At 15 minutes I found my speed, 5.7 mph, and was able to hold that speed and HR until 40 minutes, when the cardiac drift starting pushing my heartrate to 145 or so. I had to turn down to 5.6 mph and even then, I finished at a 144 heartrate.

We’ll use this a good baseline for future runs since I was able to record HR and mile splits. Very interesting running and trying to write on a whiteboard at the same time. Couple close calls with the edge of the treadmill. Jump on the side runners you say? Well where were you 30 minutes ago? THAT information would have been helpful. Lol. More to come…..

Time Speed (mph) HR
0 0 56
1:10 5
1:30 4.7
3:00 4.5
4:30 4.6
8:00 4.8
10:00 5
11:00 5.2
12:00 5.5
12:27 5.5 140     1 mile
14:00 5.6
15:00 5.7
23:02 5.7 142     2 mile
33:35 5.7 142     3 mile
40:00 5.6
44:11 5.6 144     4 mile
180-age =143 goal HR
1% incline              

2014 Aerobic Base Training – Day 1

In late 2013 I started listening to a podcast on Itunes called “Zen and the Art of Triathlon” and have really enjoyed listening to the authors insight in to triathlon and how it affects every day life. One of the most interesting podcasts introduced the concept of MAF running, pioneered by Dr Phil Maffetone. MAF, or Maximum Aerobic Function. The basic concept of this is you take 180 minus your age and that is the maximum heart rate (HR) that you should perform workouts at. This HR is supposed to be the ideal number to keep your body using fat as energy and keeping you able to perform at a higher rate.

The problem that everyone talks about with this method is the beginning. People are always complaining how SLOW they have to run to stay at their HR. Sometimes they even have to stop running and walk to stay at their HR. Dr Maffetone says that this may happen but that every few weeks, your pace will get faster and faster while your HR stays at that same level. There has been user testimony that, eventually, they are actually running faster than they ever imagined and still not getting to this number. Of course, this takes time and patience. About 12 weeks apparently. So after running out my race schedule this year I found that the Ocean City Half Marathon is 12 weeks from today. Woo hoo!

I am going to try and stick with this MAF training principle the whole time and post the results here. Today was the first run, 3 miles on a treadmill staying at the 143 heart rate (180 – 37 years old). 3 miles in 32:42, putting me at a slow 10:55 min/mile pace. The best speed I was at was 6 mph (10 min/mile) in the first mile but, as I continued, you experience cardiac drift and your heart rate slowly rises, even at a slow pace. The final speed that I finished at was 5.7 mph. At the end, I felt fine and as though I barely worked out. I’m going to try and do a few more short runs like this and then build up the distance while staying within the 143 heart rate.

Stay tuned!!!