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Hero 5k Fun Run – July 16th, 2016


As part of Jason and Laura’s Crowdrise Campaign to raise money for the family of fallen Georgia officer Anthony “TJ” Freeman (—racing-for-the-families-of-those-who-gave-all/fundraiser/jasonchance), TriCycle and Run is proud to present the HERO 5k Fun Run, to honor TJ’s sacrifice.

In our community, we are surrounded by everyday heroes in police, firefighters and Emergency Medical Services. Our way of giving back to them is to make sure that we help the families of those who have given all.

In a break from the norm, Jason and Laura are asking for a donation to go towards this cause. The amount can be anything that you choose and can be anything from $1.00 to $1,000!!! And we don’t want you to be put off by the $. If you simply don’t wish to donate, that’s ok. Still come out and run the race and have a great time.

Now for the fun part…… not only is this an estimated time race where anyone who guesses their finish time within 10 seconds is a WINNER, but rumor has it that there are going to be some folks dressing up as THEIR FAVORITE HEROES!! Super heroes, real life heroes,  any one that you like.

Afterwards don’t forget to hit up our friends at Carpenter Street Saloon and Blackthorn Irish Pub for breakfast. And who could pass up $1 off from beers at Eastern Shore Brewing?!?

Come one, come all. Like, Share, PROMOTE. Check out the cause that we are racing for and be sure to check out our team at for more information on what we are doing!!


2016 I Thought They Said Rum 5k RESULTS

Congratulations to Vanessa Junkin, Nadine Sachs, Vicky Van Loo, Bailey Wood, Matt O’Connell, Lori O’Connell, Duncan Butler IV, David Bennett, and Angela Golliday, for guesstimating their finish time within 10 seconds plus or minus


You can find the results with your estimated time by clicking  Rum5kEstimateResults


The official results can be found at the webscorer website at


Thanks to everyone who came out to support the Talbot County Humane Society with their donations today. Keep an eye out for our July 16th, “Run For The Heroes” 5k