Recovery Week

     In all training plans, there has to be time for rest and recovery. Even if you are making your own plan, based on your experience, you have to back off from your training every once in a while to let the body adapt. I’ve always been a fan of “stair stepping”. I’ve been building my time running each week for the past three weeks, so week number 4 is going to be easy. At the start of week 5, I’ll start where I left off at the end of week 3. So here…we…go….

    Wednesday was a one hour treadmill session. Total distance for that trip is 6.21 miles. I spent the first 20 minutes just messing around with my running gait and foot strike but then I found an AWESOME button on my treadmill. Youtube!!!! Linked right in on my display screen. I loaded up a video for PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2014 and had a blast!! People doing tricks on bikes, parkor running and my favorite, the people who jump off mountains in those squirrel gliding suits! (Don’t tell Laura but I WANT to do that so bad!!!!).

Let me give you the breakdown, keeping my heart rate at 143 or below.

Mile 1   10:05
Mile 2   9:08
Mile 3   9:06  !!!!
Mile 4   9:22
Mile 5   10:04  Ok. That one slowed me down.
Mile 6   10:07

Nice. Fun. Love seeing those low times and staying at my MAF heartrate.

Recovery week, remember. I’ll only get one more run in during the whole week.

Saturday morning run from the shop….. apparently a LONELY run from the shop.
50 minutes – Total distance 4.93 miles

Mile 1  9:43
Mile 2  9:53
Mile 3  10:34
Mile 4 10:21

Just not feeling it. Tired (4 hours sleep). SO glad that I did a recovery week. I know, though, that I’m going to be ramping everything up next week. I’ve got a BIG April coming up for running.

More to come