Rest day, but let’s get geeky

So it’s a little small but this is the first four miles of every MAF run (and therefore EVERY run) I’ve done since 1/27. 3 weeks in and I can see a lowering of my pace for each mile. Yes there are some days that the numbers are high, and some that they are low. I’m trying to narrow down why those are like that. Overtraining, stress (for slower times). Running partners, EPIC weather days (for faster times).

1/4 of the way done. I have no actual time goal, just to see improvement. From the day I started this, I’ve noted that the Ocean City Half Marathon was 12 weeks away. Sounds like a good test bed….

I’m going to take today off (thanks to a few friends and Call of Duty until 2am). Sometimes you just have to unwind a bit. See you on the roads tomorrow!!!