Boot Camp

“If you really want a good workout, you should do Anne’s Boot Camp on Tuesdays. It’s killer!”. I’ve heard this about a dozen times in the past week, since I started going to the Talbot YMCA. I’ve always been leery of “Boot Camps” at gyms though. The one I tried ONCE at the Salisbury YMCA was just an aerobics class and I’m not really sure where they got the notion it was a boot camp from. I was actually so upset about it in Salisbury that I started ANOTHER Boot Camp class at the Y. REAL Boot Camp. No music. Just you and me. 12 excercies, known as the Daily Dozen. 4 exercises on your feet, 4 on your face and 4 on your back. And me, standing in boots and utes, barking out numbers. Ha ha! (I miss that class)

Fast forward a year later to this morning. No base fitness. No idea what to expect. Just myself, Anne, and 5 women….. what have I gotten myself in to?

Ow ow ow. We get right in to it and, except for a water break here and there, the intensity doesn’t stop. Some exercises seem easy, except for the shear number of them. Others are hard right off the bat. I’m brought to the realization that I have NO core strength anymore. That will be the #1 priority over the next few weeks. If you can’t stabilize your core, you are going to get hurt and fail……

With the exception of the core work at the end, I am able to complete all of the exercises and reps. As I leave, I mention that I’d like to go and get a swim in at the Easton Y later this afternoon. Anne just smiled at me sadistically and said, “You may be sore for a couple of days.”. Lol. Point well taken. By the time I get home, I feel all of my limbs weigh about 100 lbs a piece. Oh well. No swim for me I guess…. I’ve got to go to work in Oxford anyway. Maybe tomorrow….. DEFINETLY tomorrow.

Boot Camp Class      Duration – 1 hr     Intensity level – 9