Happy Veterans Day!!!


9:15!! Holy cow!! I guess I missed the HearthStone run in Easton (that was at 8 am). Well, that’s ok because my legs feel like they weigh a million pounds. Besides, time with the kids is precious to me so I decided to make Ben (and Laura and myself) some fresh Chocolate Chip pancakes, thinking that they would be fuel for a long run later on. After all, it’s a short day at the shop, with us closing at 2pm on Sundays, right? Ha!

At 10 am I open the shop and think of what I need to do for the day. The next thing I know I’m in the middle of a bike fitting session that takes up about 60 minuutes or so, and then other clients start coming in. Woo Hoo! I really do love days like this. I am able to find a bit of time later in the day to start working on my positioning on my Kestrel 4000 LTD that I rode yesterday. I can’t seem to get it perfect, so I put out an email for help. We’ll see how that goes….

2:15 pm. Hey! Aren’t we supposed to be closed?!? It’s such a beautiful day that we have people who have rented bikes for the day. I don’t blame them. I want to play outside too. Laura is at the shop and her sister Amber comes to get Ben to alleviate some of the running around. Aha! My chance to escape. I know it’s going to be brief and, of course, I have no Ipod, no Garmin, no Timex…. NOTHING. But wait! Salvation!! My smart phone has a MapMyRun app on it that will track me. So I fire up Pandora (realizing I have no headphones so I just let it play out of the speaker), hit record on MapMyRun and take off. I know it is going to be a short one becuase I have to go to work.

The run feels good, after I shake out the dead weight feeling. Up the beautiful St Michaels Rails to Trails and then loop back through the middle of town. I love to see people’s faces when they see me running down Talbot Street because I try to purposely smile the whole time. They just kind of nod and smile back. Perfect! I can see the shop and I start to pick it up a little to get a good workout. As I roll in to the parking lot I reach down to tell the MapMyRun app to stop and……. I never hit start. Apparently, after the big red RECORD button, you have to push another button. Noted.

So I went and used the web mapping program found at www.mapmyrun.com and traced my route. I put a rough time of 18 minutes on there because of glancing at the clock going out and coming in. No idea on the seconds. So we’re going with a 2.13 mile run in 18 minutes. Not bad for a recovery run.