Oh DOMS, how I hate you. For those of you wondering, DOMS is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. That’s the sadistic part of your body that delays your feeling of soreness to a time about 3 days after your workout. All week I’ve been feeling GREAT, and very happy about not being sore. WRONG. Woke up seriously sore but it’s a good sore. It means I’m breaking down muscle and rebuilding. Keep it coming!!

I was scared that I wasn’t going to squeeze anything in today becuase of getting up late and having to go right in to the shop. Fortunately there was a lull in traffic (maybe that’s not fortunate, owning the business and all) around 1:45 and I decided to take my bike out for a little fun. I knew I only had about 45 minutes or so, so a quick jaunt out to Bozman would be perfect.

My bike, a Kestrel 4000 LTD, is AWESOME, but I haven’t quite set myself up perfectfly yet. It’s kind of like walking in a contractors’ house and finding 20 projects that aren’t finished. I went out on my ride anyway and have to say that a full carbon ride is definetly the way to go. Most of the little imperfections in the roadway just disappear when you’re on carbon. It seemed like nothing to run the bike up to 20mph almost instantly. I would later find that was because of a head wind.

Later, after more training, I will use these headwinds as training aides. People laugh at us all the time, being on the Eastern Shore, becuase we don’t really have hills. We laugh back. We have wind. And our wind is CRAZY. It sometimes feels like a headwind both ways. Oh well, the joys of living on a peninsula. Anyway, in addition to our winds, I always point out to my hill-oriented friends that we flat-landers pedal all day long, never stopping. They have to work to get to the top of their hills but then they coast down the other side. Boo

Overall the ride went well. I certainly felt as though I had not been on the bike for some time. That shouldn’t have been a shock but I can tell you that there are some spin classes in my future to try and get my legs back.

Total time ridden – 43:07              Total Distance – 12.95 miles          Avg Speed of 18.02 mph