A little background, if you please

Triathlete. Can I really call myself a triathlete anymore? Does it matter that I didn’t get to compete in even ONE event in the 2012 season? Can the birth of our second child, moving, changing jobs and opening up my dream Triathlon shop, TriCycle and Run, be an excuse for not competing in even a 5k through 2012?!? I hope so because it’s time to reclaim that title of “TRIATHLETE” again.

Two years ago I was able to compete in the New Orleans 70.3 with a wonderful organization, the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA). Except for the high winds and cancelled swim (Woo Hoo!) the course was outstanding. So much so that when I saw a discounted entry for 2013, I jumped on it. With, of course, permission from my loving wife and business partner, Laura. All summer long it was, I’ll get to training, I’ll get to training. Well we all know how that goes…….

Fast forward to Sunday, 11/4/2012. OH MY GOD!!! I’m 24 weeks out. Now you may think that is a lot of time, being 6 months and all, but consider that my event will be a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride and a 13.1 mile run, and I haven’t done ANYTHING in almost a year. Time to get to work.

This blog will document my training, my pitfalls, some nutrition and overall just keep me accountable for what it is I’m doing. If I slack off, feel free to come by the shop and get in my face. Some of us need a good kick in the butt every now and then. Well….. here we go!